Restoration Sanity

There’s a lot of talk lately about the dumbing down of America.  Some people believe there’s a whole anti-intellectual movement where truth is malleable and opinion is fact. They may well be right.  Who to blame and where it all started is an issue for our generation, but the start of all this confusion may be closer than you think.  You may even be sitting on it right now. There is no bigger perpetrator of #fake than Restoration Hardware and their lesser kin.  It’s Mainstream Decorating that first perverted our gut instincts and made madness acceptable.

I offer you Exhibit A- THIS OLD TRUNK $256.00


If your gut reaction isn’t violence as a result of someone having the temerity to try to sell this to you, then it should be.  Look at it!  Behold its putrid state.  Consider its slapdash paint job, its general milieu of possible stink and probable infestation. Once again, let me remind you that the peddler of this perversion of interior design wants real American dollars.




These lights all look like they came from the bowels of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory.  And the good doctor must fear that not only will the corpses come to life but so will the bulbs – so he put them in cages in case they should fly away.  Let us reflect on the metaphor of a light in a cage.  Ask yourself, is this what I want in my home? 

The most loathsome of this motley crew is the desk lamp that appears to be eating the chandelier. Perhaps this is what you get when the bulbs are let loose. Note the merchant tells you Bulbs Sold Separately – I feel a footnote of my own must be added – Good Taste Not Included.

Another Chandelier Falls Victim to Predatory Lights Out on Parole and Repeat Offending


  Exhibit D   ROLL AWAY

Then we have the abandoned mental hospital turned haunted house theme. It looks like Nurse Ratchet will be by with your meds shortly. Industrial type toe amputating wheels are a staple in Restoration Insanity’s decorating theme. And why are they all on little metal wheels?  Perhaps the furniture needs to make a quick getaway from the aggressive lighting fixtures.  


Old is new.  Simple is extravagant. Up is down. The truth is that we all play a part in this madness.  These companies are in business, and they are not scraping by and fleeing from town like a snake oil salesman.  No, they have solid structures and teams of people who stage their wares with ridiculous tchotchkes like the rusty paint brushes on the dilapidated trunk.   And until we are prepared to stand up, separate from the crowd, and declare bullshit when we see it then we will all suffer as fools- even in our own homes.  We will all be responsible for #Fake  and the dumbing down of America.